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Guttmann, Tamás – General Manager

He was born in 1968, in Budapest, married since 1986, father of 6 children. He was a top athlete in taekwon-do as a trainer and as a competitor, he led the National Taekwon-do Team for 2 years. His first venture was a sportswear manufacturing company, where he himself learned to sew and to film press. He was engaged for many years as a salesman selling the products. He learned much about commercial networking. In the late 90s he led the exhibition premises of the warehouse Quelle in Budapest together with his wife. Then he was seduced by the biggest bank of the world, the Citibank, where he was dealing with top clients, and became star salesperson.

After that he founded his own financial enterprise the Harewood company group and during the years he significantly helped financing more than 120 Hungarian companies in the small and medium businesses sector.

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He elaborated several financial products that are used by the banks even today. With one of these constructions he achieved a cash flow of HUF 12 billion within 3 years. He was dealing with hotel development and project management. He learned how to fly with a sail-plane, in the last 15 years he became a professional photographer and graduated on a Theological Academy. He has been searching the origin of life and Earth since12 years and he lectures in this topic.

He is one of the founder owners and General Manager of the Safis company group. He is regularly attending to sports and shooting photos.

He never stops learning. Now he is just practicing figure skating which he started at the age of 51. He has got an unbelievable energy, he always entrusts and encourages other people, his fellow workers and friends see him mostly smiling.

Nagy Naményi, Andrea – web shop director

I was attending to the foreign trade faculty of BGF (College of Internal Economics), after that I spent a year abroad as a trainee. Fulfilling that I started my career at a cartographical company, and then Drogerie Markt followed where I have been working for more than 16 years as a leader of sales department. From there I switched to the book market where as a sales leader I controlled the shop network at a publishing company group for 4 years.

Looking for a new challenge I came to Safis in April 2019.

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During my professional career I coordinated the start-up and operation of more than 30 shops and several web shops. I gained my online-, and offline sales and organizational development experiences in multinational and in the small- and medium businesses environment. I consider challenges as my very nature. I determinedly search solutions on seemingly unsolvable problems.

My job is at the same time my hobby, too, so I develop myself during part of my free time. A relaxation for me is the time spent with my family and with my friends.

Both, Zoltán - project director Blokkwood

The Blokkwood project leader
Regarding my basic education I am a graduated economist and business economist. I have fulfilled several industrial-, project engineering, and leadership courses, too, and acquired auditing qualifications. I have directed the home factories of foreign companies of different sizes as a managing director or company leader in the past 25 years. I have worked in machine -, civil engineering -, car-, and building material producing industry.

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I gained experience in: work construction of controlling systems, process optimizations, production optimization, standardization, reengineering, process costs calculations, introducing of computer integrated systems, creation of strategy, project planning, and -organizing, project controlling, LEAN-management (kanban, visual factory, 5S, 8D, poka-joke, smed…), procurement of ISO qualifications, displacements of activity (plant), forming company culture, work construction of motivation systems, team-building…etc.

Schlingloff Sándor - marketing leader

Many people consider today Sandor to be the domestic father of professional online marketing, who is brilliantly mixing the conservative, result-oriented sales strategy with the high technological and brave, creative marketing approaches.

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He was one of the first men in Hungary who combined the professional offline and online marketing opportunities. Having linked the experiences of commercials, direct selling- and system-development with the brand-new possibilities given by Internet, he arrived at extraordinary successful solutions.

He is made in the market to one of the most qualified marketing experts by his almost 20 years long experience with hundreds of clients- where each cent spent had to bring income in short or maximum in the medium term-. Nearly a dozen of introducing campaigns, the fully or partly automatized marketing procedures, or even elaborating the interactive video sales system, – selling with the efficiency of personal sale-, are related to his name.

Sándor’s self-education systems, courses, videos and audio materials were long market-leading within the world of online marketing educations. The company management university which he had set up with his friend, -named Company Reform Program-, was the first in Hungary, where the know-how for system marketing company development was taught. In the last years, Sandor is dealing with supporting start-up undertakings.

Göcsei, Gábor – software development leader

I had made my first program rows still in the previous millennium, in 1991, in the primary school on Commodore 64, but the world really opened for me by my following PC 286. I also learned the basics on this PC, on DOS operating system. Here I have already begun to deal with database treatment and organization, as I met DBase and FoxPro. Then by the dialing-in net (even today I could whistle the sound of the modem joining) I discovered at once the beauty of web-development. Not much time passed when I linked my admire towards databases and the websites to create my first dynamic website.

After that nothing could stop me, owing to my proactive approach I could offer my professional support to many projects in the last 22 years. From simple company introducing sites through the news portals with very big traffic, web shops, smart control systems until railway systems I gained a lot of experience in all IT fields.

My detailed but not full professional introduction can be read on website https://www.linkedin.com/in/gocseigabor/for everybody.

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In my private life a like to try myself in all fields of life. I like bowling, darts, diving, reading, watching films/series, (building, fighting with the tax authority, going to the post), but since I became the father of 2 charming daughters, these hobbies had to be pushed in the background. (You can agree: who wouldn’t prefer the puppet kitchen, playing with puppets, or running around in the flat without purpose, would you?)

I’m an enthusiastic environmentalist and animal-lover. I have got 2 adopted dogs, and more hedgehogs living in my garden. I have rescued already dogs, cats, doves, hedgehogs, even turtles. Being a believer Christian, I’m a little cynic, unsociable personality with strong perfectionism, and pacifism.

Muk, Róbert – Sales Manager

I began my career as a carpenter, where I became a workshop leader within 7 years. During this time, I gathered connections with several woodworking enterprises. This cooperation remained with many of them until today. Later I have tried myself in factory life, as well, where I directed 30-120 people first as a group -, later as a shift leader. I gained about 25 years experiences in business, woodworking, construction, and production fields. I have educated and brought up several production teams, who set new records almost every week. After that, I have worked as a chief sales manager in health field, and later I started an own venture. Over the years I have tried myself in more areas, in each one I have achieved outstanding results.

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First I have worked at a market leader mobile manufacturer, at Nokia as a group leader, then as a shift leader 4 years long, my job was to build up more self-functioning teams. I was interested in business life, therefore 1 year before the factory ceased I switched to Zepter and worked there 4 years long first as a salesman then as a chief manager.

After having gathered enough experience in business life, too, I seized the opportunity and worked with the German Müller building team 4 years long. By them I have got practice in interior design and travelled all around Europe, besides this I have started to lay the foundations for my own undertaking. As a result of the experiencing years I have built up an own business- and executing network, have created Rezsidoki that I was doing as an undertaker for 6 years. I have provided a complex economical service for my clients in the fields of interior design, insulation technique, furniture making, power engineering, finance, and insurance, I have ceased overhead costs by unique, personalized solutions, and in many cases I reset them to be a producer. During this I have started to apply such new development solutions that were based on epoch-making technologies.

    I found Safis company group through the Internet in the summer of 2019, to which I joined as a small investor. Then it revealed that I could be useful with my knowledge, so I became sales leader of the company group. It’s a close feeling for me to build up global companies from assorted discoveries so that meanwhile we change human lives and point them in the positive direction.



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